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Scott J. Eadie


Scott Eadie is a highly accomplished attorney with a remarkable career spanning 40 years. With his extensive experience and expertise, he has made a significant impact in the legal profession. Since 1983, Mr. Eadie has been practicing law in California, consistently delivering exceptional legal representation to his clients. 


Throughout his career, Mr. Eadie has demonstrated his versatility by handling cases in both Civil and Criminal Courts. He has successfully represented clients before the Appellate Courts across Southern California, showcasing his exceptional advocacy skills and legal acumen. His extensive client roster reflects the breadth of his legal expertise. Mr. Eadie has represented numerous insurance companies, ensuring their interests are protected and their cases are handled diligently. Additionally, he has provided legal counsel and representation to a wide range of individuals, including inmates before the Board of Prison Terms. His clients have encompassed notorious criminals as well as individuals and families affected by economic challenges during times of economic downturn.


Mr. Eadie's path to becoming an esteemed attorney was characterized by perseverance and a strong work ethic. Prior to graduating from law school, he held approximately 30 different jobs, giving him firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by individuals striving to make ends meet. This firsthand experience has undoubtedly shaped his approach to the law, instilling in him a profound empathy for his clients' situations.


With nearly four decades of experience as a dedicated advocate for individuals, Mr. Eadie has brought his wealth of knowledge and expertise to Greyson Law Center PC. As a valuable asset to the firm, he continues to champion the rights of his clients, leveraging his extensive experience to provide top-notch legal representation and deliver favorable outcomes.


Scott Eadie's outstanding legal career, marked by his unwavering commitment to justice and his clients, serves as a testament to his prowess as an attorney and a compassionate advocate for those in need of legal assistance.